Earnest Down

When you make an offer on a home, you are required to put earnest money down which shows your seriousness about your desire to purchase the property.  After the offer has been accepted, you go about finalizing the payment plan whether you have cash to pay for it outright or whether you secure it through … More Earnest Down

The Religion of Peace

I came across this well-made video developed by an organization within Israel to help their nation to evaluate whether the claims of Islam are really true, since they are surrounded by Muslims in all directions.  Are they really the “religion of peace” or are they the “religion of war?”  Watch this short video and we’ll … More The Religion of Peace

Jesus, His Three Phases | Prophet, Priest, And King

Jesus’ life is reflected by three distinct phases:  Prophet, Priest, & King. Prophet When He first came to the earth, He came as a prophet, sharing the Word of God, calling people to repentance, teaching of rightful living, and sharing prophetic events of the future.  He knew things no other person had ever known or … More Jesus, His Three Phases | Prophet, Priest, And King

Miracles of Darkness

It may be surprising for many of us to know that all miracles are not from God.  We assume that only the all-powerful, one true God, can perform miracles, so any time we are witness to them, we believe that God, Himself, did the miracle.  Well, not so.  We need to be careful in our … More Miracles of Darkness