No More Lies

Hello everyone,

I haven’t posted for a real long time.  I’ve been into continued studies in Yahweh’s Word and have some major topics that I’ve been dealing with and they are so cumbersome, that they are hard to put into a blog as one could write a book about each of these topics.  What I’m realizing more and more each day is that I’ve been drug into deception of mainstream Christianity and so many of the theologies that I have believed because of the skew of the teachings are proving to be incorrect when I really examine the Scriptures for myself.  In order to believe the Christian Theologies of the past, I needed to overlook so many verses and excuse them away, but how can we excuse Scripture when it’s plainly right in front of our face?  I’ve realized that I have not properly tested what I was taught verses what I have read.  So, with that said, I’m just frustrated over the lies and want so desperately to come out of them and know the true God of the Bible and what He desires from my life.  Here’s some of the topics I’ve been covering in my own studies that have pretty much changed my whole world.  I hope to be diving into them individually as I can get my head around everything that entails each one.

  • The Old Testament Laws were not abolished
  • In order to show love to God, you must love His laws and try to follow them
  • There is no new Gentile Church.  There are no spots for Gentiles in the new Kingdom.  Gentiles are enemies and will be destroyed.
  • If you accept the Messiah, you become grafted into Israel
  • Tithing is not applicable today, and tithing was in food, not in money.  Tithing is an Old Testament command to help the Levite Priests to survive as they had no inheritance or ability to provide for themselves, yet most Christians claim this requirement, but don’t follow the rest of the 600 Levitical laws.
  • There are no different periods of dispensation
  • The Sabbath was and still is, Saturday
  • The first of the year is in the spring at the Passover.
  • The first of the day is at daybreak, at about 6:00 am.
  • God requires us to uphold His feast days, even into the new Kingdom, yet we are not taught the importance of them, nor uphold them
  • New man-made holidays were created to replace the Feasts and disregard the requests of Yahweh.  They are not strictly for Jews.
  • We are to celebrate the Passover annually, with the “Last Supper,” not “Communion” more frequently.
  • There are certain foods that we should not eat and those apply today, yet most eat these
  • Paul did and taught the Law and didn’t tell us to not obey God
  • Yahusha did and taught the Law and told us whomever relaxed even the smallest of them, or taught others to not obey them, would be considered least in the Kingdom
  • There is no such thing as a rapture, only the resurrection when the Messiah returns at the judgement.
  • People can’t say a prayer to get saved.  There must be an understanding of their own sin, need for a savior, repentance, and a trust in Yahweh’s son as the sin-covering as High Priest.
  • When people die, they don’t go to heaven.  They are asleep in the grave until the resurrection and judgement. There’s no reference to us going to heaven in the Bible.  This is a pagen belief in all other religions whereby when the body dies, the soul goes to be with whatever god they were serving.  This is why the resurrection is SO important and so unique.  The soul is not immortal or we wouldn’t need a savior, God’s son.  We need to be given immortality at the resurrection.  If the soul were immortal already, we would be considered a god as only God is immortal at this time (though He has given immortality to the First Fruits, his Son).  Man is mortal, which includes his spirit/soul.
  • The inheritance of the children of Yahweh, Israel (natural and grafted), is the new Earth.  Our residence is not in heaven.
  • People are currently not being tormented in hell, nor having fun in heaven
  • Satan can only ‘bother’ one person at a time, so any comments such as “Satan get away from me” or “Satan tempted me to do it” are not accurate.  He is an angel, but has other angels who have pledged their allegiance to him, as well as the demons (unclean spirits), who are less powerful, but have the ability to ‘bother’ people all over the earth.
  • Yashua is the son of God, and not equal to Yahweh, the Father, nor is he the Father.  Yashua was begotten (created) from the holy spirit, which is the power of God, so if you believe Yashua is the son of the Father and the holy spirit is a separate person, then technically, Yashua is the son of the Holy Spirit.  The doctrine of the Trinity is false and cannot be proved, but was a later invention of the Catholic Church around the 400’s CE.
  • Yashua taught us to pray to and worship the Father, Yahweh, alone.  He did not say to pray to or worship him.
  • The holy spirit is not a separate person to be prayed to or worshiped.  It is the power of Yahweh, the Father, to whom He can send (or remove) as He pleases, starting with the Old Testament persons to those of today.
  • Our worship songs should only go to the Father, Yahweh.
  • Tongues is not ‘gibberish’ language that no one can understand. It is actually an understandable spoken language of another tongue in order to share the Gospel with someone else who cannot understand your own spoken language.  See Acts.
  • The sun and moon rotate above the earth. The earth is the center of God’s universe.  God created water first, separated the water to put water above the atmosphere, and kept some water in the seas with the ‘skies’ in between the waters, called the firmament.  He then created the land of earth, and then placed the sun, moon, and stars above the land, between the sky waters and the earth waters.
  • Miracles can be performed that are not from Yahweh.  Miracles are not proof that the person is aligned with Yahweh.
  • The name of the son of God is not Jesus.  It is Yashua (or Yahushua)
  • Yashua is the only person who has ever ascended into heaven and has been given permission and authority to sit next to the Father, Yahweh.  No other human has ascended into heaven, nor has been resurrected and transfigured yet.
  • Yashua’s knowledge and understanding are limited to only what God’s spirit has shared with him.  He grew in both knowledge and understanding during his life on earth, per the Scriptures.
  • Father God, Yahweh, is the author of all plans. He alone is to get credit and praise.  He is one God, the Most High, Almighty.  He is the Savior.
  • Yashua had his own will, but chose to obey the Father completely.  He is not equal to the Father and is not God, the Most High.  He never claimed to be, nor did his disciples think he was, but he did claim to be the son of God, the Messiah promised.

So, if you have not dug in to research these topics yourself, test everything!