Constantine’s Church

Have you ever studied the life of the Roman Emperor Constantine (272-337 CD) before?  I hadn’t, but since he had such an impact on how the Christian Church operates today, I thought it best to look into this guy, who is sometimes seen as a hero in the early church.  I’m attaching two historical documentaries, not from a theological point of view, but rather a historical view to see what happened in and around this man’s life during this crucial time in Church history.


What I learned about this man seemed to be obvious that he was NOT a true Christian convert according to the teachings of Yahusha and the Old Testament God of Yahweh.  He was a political leader who wanted the unity of his land and he saw the Christian God as one of the gods of victory in war.  His motives were completely selfish as he, himself, desired victory and power in his kingdom and he wanted his subjects to come into alignment under his ruler ship and follow whatever he dictated and thus he not only legalized Christianity in his kingdom, but he enforced it as the official religion of the land.  He also forced himself into other Church affairs, orchestrated them, and pushed his desired outcomes, and for those who didn’t agree with his ‘theology,’ they were banned from his land and exiled.  This was apparent at a very important meeting that he called, the Council of Nicea whereby he gathered top bishops within his land to decide on whether Jesus was God incarnate or whether he was just a chosen man sent by Yahweh.  Note that the Roman and Greek gods had this common trait… Some were gods made men temporarily, some became gods, and some were always gods, so this baggage came to the table when the decisions were made.  Not all the bishops agreed with the final outcome which was that Jesus was God incarnate, existing for all time and co-equal with the Father.  Several of the bishops, including a man to whom a new sect arose out of this, the Arians, stated that Jesus was not equal to the Father, but rather subordinate to the Father and not God incarnate, fully the Father on earth.  Well, you guessed it, those who voted on the side of the Arians were exiled out of the country and those sects believing this claim were also hunted down and exiled.  Constantine would have no division within his land and for those who were in opposition were banned or killed, and thus started the crusades.  It was under his rule that the Church, obviously, took a major, drastic change, and this started the downward spiral leading away from the true teachings of the Bible to what we know as the Church today.

So, in order for us to understand what the Church is suppose to truly look like, we need to go back in time before the early 300’s and see what was believed and followed by early Jewish converts.  This is, to me, the most crucial time to examine. How did the first believers see Yahusha?  How did they view the teachings of the Old Testament?  How did Yahusha see himself?  Some key questions that I will continue to be diving into…