My Apologies

I want to take just a few minutes today to say, “I’m sorry.”  It seems I have grown a group of followers over the years and in the process of my learning and growth, I now realize that my views previously had been skewed towards the theology that I had been taught by others and I didn’t do a good enough job of examining the text for what it actually said and I took what was taught to me and didn’t test it enough.  Even though I would see things in the text that said something, because the teacher was teaching a particular way, I overlooked what I was reading and thought they knew best and I must have something messed up.  For those who have been reading my blog, I’m so deeply sorry for bringing any of you down a wrongful path.  It was never my intent and I perhaps have lead others astray as I have been lead astray.  That is very disheartening to me and it grieves my soul.  The funny thing is that now I can think back to questions I had when I was studying, but I didn’t follow up on those questions I had very thoroughly and because of that, my doctrine has been off.  My lesson to myself now is to make sure to test everything because our Messiah said that there would be many false teachers and those false teachers were not the obvious ones out in the world because those are super easy to spot, but these false teachers are sneaky and deceptive and within our inner circles teaching the doctrines of man.  They seem right because we trust their education and experience, but inwardly we are told they are ravenous wolves and will deceive many.  I’ve been one of those that has been deceived by them as well as have taken those teachings and deceived others.  Boy, that is so hard to say.

I don’t have the time to go back over each and every blog that I’ve written in the last 5+ years, so though they may contain aspects of truth, there may be false doctrines in those as well.  Please use caution when going back in my blog and test everything that was written (I’ve went back and deleted ones I know for sure were of a false doctrine in totality).  One day, I may have time to go back, but for now, my main goal is to go forward and try to correct errors within my thought process.

So, my main message today is this, no matter what Christian pastor or other authority is speaking and teaching, even though their doctrines would seem to be solid and strong compared with other Christian leaders, every one of us needs to test what they are saying up against the Scripture itself.  Is what they are saying truly in there?  What context is the actual text and are they changing any of the meaning?  And, what version(s) of the Bible are they using and are they truly going back to the oldest text themselves to see if what is written in English is what is actually meant?  I’ve been deceived that my Bible was completely accurate and later to find that even though there is truth in there to save us, that there are many times when verses have been changed to reflect the theology of the translator, some verses eliminated which didn’t match their theology, and even some words and even whole verses added that were not in the original text.  And, some books that were included are now not included and even frowned upon for anyone seeking additional wisdom in these books.  That makes me sick thinking about it, but an awareness of that will help us all to be a better student of the Word as delivered by Yahweh.  (Since I use BibleGateway online for most of my starting points, I will be switching to the Complete Jewish Bible (CJB), though I will also still be going back to the Interlinear Strong’s to check on translations.)

My eyes have been opened to a major difference in theology between the generations of Jewish converts who carried on the original call of the Messiah, to those Gentiles who joined with the pagen religions and formed the first organized church institution under the corruption of Constantine.  The two are so totally opposite it is scary.

My posts from now on will be geared towards understanding, clarifying, and refining my faith from an Israeli perspective, the chosen nation of Yahweh to carry forth His Word to the ends of the earth.  He obviously entrusted them with His Word for a particular reason and it is to my best interest to seek out His truth from them and not from the rest of man.

Bless you, everyone!


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