The Validity of the Book of Enoch

I’ve heard debate on the almost taboo Book of Enoch.  Many say that since it was never allowed into the 66 books of the Bible, that it is heresy at worst, and crazy fiction at best, but I want to challenge you today to actually take the time to research this book and read it for yourself (I’ve included an online version below as well as the ability to download a PDF).  Enoch is listed in the Bible 12 times, three times in the New Testament, one of which is a reference in the book of Jude to Enoch’s writings about the coming of Jesus and His army to execute judgement, so obviously Jude was fully aware of his teachings.  We’ll spend some time below talking about its origins and why it was left out of the Bible.

Last night, I spent 3.5 hours and got through the entire book, so it’s short enough to get through in a couple of sittings if you don’t want to get through the whole book in a day.  I honestly broke into tears on several spots within in.  Why would I do that, you ask?  I’m convinced that this book is the Word of the Lord directly from the hand of Enoch, the great- grandfather of Noah.  Since I’ve spent almost 20 years in the Bible, I think I’m pretty familiar with at least a bit more than the basics of the Bible and can say that from my knowledge of the Scriptures, that the Book of Enoch not only lines up perfectly with the Bible, but adds in so much extra information that you will be swimming in additional colors of more details beyond what you thought possible to understand.  What made me cry first, is how God showed in Enoch how He created everything within this world to work perfectly in mathematics and systems.  There truly isn’t a jot or tittle that he missed when He set the world in motion and established the seasons, weather patterns, the perfect star alignments for the months, seasons, and their meanings, and the sun and moon trajectory (and yes, by the way, Enoch verifies that both the sun and moon are the same size and rotate above the flat earth.  See my previous post to open up your eyes to the truth of God’s Word that the world He created is a non-rotating, stationary plain, and not a globe, and there are no such things as other planets and alien life, which has been a creation of man to distract us from the Word of God.). 

1 Observe ye everything that takes place in the heaven, how they do not change their orbits, and the luminaries which are in the heaven, how they all rise and set in order each in its season, and 2 transgress not against their appointed order. Behold ye the earth, and give heed to the things which take place upon it from first to last, how steadfast they are, how none of the things upon earth 3 change, but all the works of God appear to you. Behold the summer and the winter, how the whole earth is filled with water, and clouds and dew and rain lie upon it.”  Enoch 2

The second reason I cried was when Enoch told, in great detail, a vision the Lord gave him about the sheep (Israel) and the Lord of the sheep (Jesus).  God told the entire story of Israel in a child-like animal story, using sheep, bulls, ox, wolves, and rams.  It was beautiful, detailed, and complete.  Since the Book of Enoch predates the writings of Moses (The Torah, or the first 5 books of the Bible), this story was written in such great detail before even Moses existed and yet it spelled out everything that would happen to Israel from the beginning of the flood where Noah and his three sons would start the three races after the flood spreading out over the face of the earth, to the 12 sons of Jacob, to Joseph being sold into slavery, from Joseph bringing his family into Egypt, from them growing in numbers to then becomes slaves, and to Moses & Aaron for coming in to give the Word of the Lord to Pharaoh, the plagues, Israel going across the split Red Sea, to Egypt drowning in it, to Israel rejoicing and then falling into sin and many being killed by God at the base of Mt Sinai after Moses went to get the 10 commandments, to the raising of the first King Saul, to him mentoring David and then pursing him, to the establishment of the prophets to warn Israel, to them being killed, to King David taking over the reign of the kingdom to Solomon building the temple, to the temple being destroyed and Israel being scattered, to the temple being built again and destroyed again, to the Messiah coming, to the rejection, to the scattering and regathering again, to the end of the age where the Lord God will destroy the unrighteous and save His own.  And, the book reveals God’s secret plan to reveal His Son, Jesus Christ (The Righteous One), to bring in everlasting righteousness and to change the believers into everlasting bodies full of light and truth, as well as describes in great detail the fate of the unrighteous in the lake of fire.  This is just some of the amazing details.  Only God could write a child’s animal story and tell the entire details of what would happen to His chosen Israel throughout all of time prior to even the first Jacob (Israel) man being born.  My tears were at the realization of His great sovereignty and great pursuit and love for His own sheep.  God truly does know all even before it comes to pass.  But, I want to also tell you that when I first read this vision many years ago (as I did start to read Enoch before), that I didn’t have a clue what it was about, so if you do not have a knowledge of the Scriptures, this will make absolutely no sense to you and you won’t understand its significance. I believe this book is truly the Word of God, hidden from us until just recently (I’ll tell more later).

1 The second vision which he saw, the vision of wisdom -which Enoch the son of Jared, the son 2 of Mahalalel, the son of Cainan, the son of Enos, the son of Seth, the son of Adam, saw. And this is the beginning of the words of wisdom which I lifted up my voice to speak and say to those which dwell on earth: Hear, ye men of old time, and see, ye that come after, the words of the Holy 3 One which I will speak before the Lord of Spirits [Enoch’s term for Father God is the “Lord of the Spirits”]. It were better to declare (them only) to the men of old time, but even from those that come after we will not withhold the beginning of wisdom [He wrote this for future generations as well so that we would have this wisdom]. 4 Till the present day such wisdom has never been given by the Lord of Spirits as I have received according to my insight, according to the good pleasure of the Lord of Spirits by whom the lot of 5 eternal life has been given to me. Now three Parables were imparted to me, and I lifted up my voice and recounted them to those that dwell on the earth.”  Enoch 37

Information and history of the Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch was written by the hand of Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah after his son, Lamech was born, but before Noah was born, approximately 40-80 years before the flood started.  His writings survived all the way until the time of Moses as Moses took a copy of his book with him as they left Egypt, understandingly pleased as he could see this prophecy fulfilled with his very eyes with their crossing of the Red Sea.  Enoch is referenced several times in the Bible as being a man who walked with God and was taken by God without dying on the earth (i.e., he was the first to be raptured by the Lord), and his writings are also referenced within the Bible, although, we don’t find much detail to any of them in the Bible.  When you see the references, you wonder where they are, and so you realize that his writings were kept elsewhere.  Within the Book of Enoch, God tells Enoch that he is to tell his son, Methuselah, and all of his family about everything that God had revealed to him.  Enoch’s writings were commanded by God to be passed down from generation to generation to even the final generation… which is the true intent for the Book of Enoch, for the last generation so that they would have wisdom.  Yes, this book was written for the final generation on the face of the earth, and God wanted Enoch’s writings to be preserved for them, as stated in this book.

This book is not accepted by a majority of the Jews, for obvious reasons when you read it, nor is it accepted by all Christian denominations as fact, but they believe it has some historical or theological interest.  Many Christians believe it was non-canonical or non-inspired, with the exception of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, who have kept it within their canonized Bible (as they did not follow after the Catholic interpretations).  Truth be told that when the Bible was first put together, this book was included, but the Catholic Church took it out of the Bible, as well as a few other books, with the reason that it was “too spiritual,” but in fact revealed deeper secrets that they didn’t want the common man to know.  On a side note, there was also a debate on the book of Revelation and it almost didn’t make the cut as well.  Can you imagine?  The Catholic Church kept these extra books to themselves and hid them for around 2,000 years.  It was ‘rediscovered’ by the common man when a Scottish explorer named, James Bruce, traveled to Ethiopia in 1773 and brought back three copies of this intact ancient text. So, why was it in Ethiopia to begin with?  God had protected copies there through the rule of King Manasseh of Judah, who was a pagan king who caused many Jews to flee the country to save their lives and their faith.  They first fled to Egypt, but some continued further to Ethiopia, no doubt taking the Book of Enoch with them as treasured text.  Even today, the teachings remain in Ethiopia as they continue in their respect and practice of the text, as well as the other Old Testament Scriptures.

Its language was found first in the Ge’ez language (from Ethiopia), but later, Aramaic fragments were found when the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Qumran Caves were discovered in 1947/48 (and several copies of earlier sections of 1 Enoch.)  Within the Dead Sea Scrolls there were other texts found along with the writings of Enoch, 972 texts in all including Isaiah, Deuteronomy, & Psalms for example.  There are no Hebrew copies that have been discovered of Enoch’s writings, but this isn’t surprising since the Book of Daniel was also written with some Hebrew & some Aramaic text.  What I find super interesting about that is that this book has been mostly hidden from the generations, even though God wanted it shared with all generations, until 1947-8 which was the exact year that Israel received its mandate from the United Nations that they would be given their land back and become a nation – a 70 year generation to 2017.  So, it would be oddly ‘coincidental’ that this end-times book would be discovered and now widely circulated during this final generation.  That seems to show, to me, that God had a way of preserving the book and exposing it when it would be needed for an explanation of what will shortly happen.

Enoch’s writings are sited several times in the Old Testament, but one short section of the Book of Enoch is sited in Jude 1:14-15  (1 Enoch 1:9), and is attributed there to “Enoch the Seventh from Adam” (1 En 60:8).

The controversy around Enoch.  We have very passionate people against Enoch’s writings stating that it is anti-Scriptural.  In their arguments, what they state, they state out of context.  Here’s one such person that claims that this book is false so that you can read the claims yourself and test what he claims:  LINK HERE

Here is, to me, an example of how this man’s interpretation is based off a limited knowledge and he misinterprets what is being said in the text of Enoch:

Verse quoted:

“And he said to me, “This first is Michael, the merciful and long-suffering: and the second, who is set over all the diseases and all the wounds of the children of men, is Raphael: and the third, who is set over all the powers is Gabriel: and the fourth, who is set over the repentance unto hope of those who inherit eternal life, is named Phanuel.” Enoch 40:9

This man’s argument:

The Bible never mentions an angel named Phanuel, let alone an angel who is set over the repentance of those who inherit eternal life. What blasphemy! That statement in itself contradicts everything the Word of God teaches. We read in 1st Timothy 2:5 that Jesus Christ is the ONLY Mediator between God and men, not some angel named Phanuel… “For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” Repentance is strictly between a man and Jesus Christ alone. Only Jesus died for our sins, and shed His blood to pay for them (1st Peter 1:18-19); therefore, we must be diligent to guard and defend against LIARS and imposters who would lead people to believe otherwise. 1st John 2:22 clearly indicts all Christ-deniers as LIARS, guilty before God. 

My comments back to him:

Just because the Bible doesn’t mention a fourth angel, Phanuel, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist.  God has hundreds of thousands of angels that he has made and named them all.  God sets up each angel with tasks to do and we cannot expect that God will name them all in the Bible and tell us all of their jobs.  This text does not state that Phanuel gives eternal life or gives repentance or forgiveness or is a mediator.  What I see is that God assigned this angel as the overseer of those who have been saved to eternal life.  Phanuel has a role to maybe watch over the elect and make sure that Satan doesn’t take them away on the earth, or possibly, after they come into eternal life into the kingdom, Phanuel takes care of them some how with giving them instructions or such.  This isn’t blasphemy to just say that Phanuel has a role with those who are saved by Jesus.  It never states that he has a role in saving them, but he is set as an overseer over them, a caregiver in some way.  We cannot understand all the things that God has set up while we are in the flesh.

Verses quoted:

“And in that place I saw the fountain of righteousness which was inexhaustible and around it were many fountains of wisdom.  And, all the thirsty drank of them, and were filled with wisdom and their dwellings were with the righteous and holy and elect.  And at that hour the Son of Man was named in the presence of the Lord of Spirits and his name before the Head of Days, yeah, before the sun and the signs were created, before the stars of the heaven were made, his name was named before the Lord of Spirits.”  Enoch 48:1-3

This man’s argument:

Was the Son of Man named? When was Jesus named in Heaven? This is an attack on the deity of Jesus. Jesus Himself claimed in Revelation 1:8, “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and which was, and which is to come, the Almighty.” Jesus is Eternal, without beginning or end. Head of Days? Lord of Spirits? These terms are NOT found in the Bible. IF the Book of Enoch were valid, composing well over 100 chapters, there should be numerous New Testament references to it; but there aren’t. Although some people claim that the Bible quotes the Book of Enoch over 100 times, this is simply not true. Just as the Qur’an, the Book of Enoch borrows from the Word of God. In sharp contrast to the Book of Enoch, the New Testament often quotes the Book of Genesis. 

My comments back to him:

God did create a name for His Son, who was also part of Him, fully God, and then fully human, at the beginning.  He created His Name (His own name), above all other names and then revealed it to the earth much later.  For those who were filled with wisdom, God may be talking about the holy angels having this revealed to them before the earth was even created, or possibly since God is outside of time, He was giving a future statement to include all of the future righteous of the earth who would be able to drink of the living waters that Jesus talked about.  And, finally, we see that in Revelation, that Jesus will once again receive a new name that no one knows except Him at the end, and He will give us His new name as well.  So, I see no contractions here.  God goes by many names in the Bible, Jehovah, Adonai, Yahweh, the Great I Am, for a few, so who are we to say that He doesn’t also goes by other names to which it has been hidden from us all of these years.  It is true that God is the “Lord of the Spirits” as He created each of our spirits and so is the Lord of all of us.  Our spirit is the only thing that is eternal.  Our flesh is a temporary tent and one day, we will have a new, immortal body, but we will have the same eternal spirit.  It appears also that God goes by the “Head of Days” or what we see in Scripture as the “Ancient of Days.”  Again, this is just another title of our Heavenly Father God, the God of Abraham, Issac, & Jacob.  There is no contradiction here.

Verse quoted:

“And the fourth named Penemue, he taught the children of men the bitter and the sweet, and he taught them all the secrets of their wisdom.  And he instructed mankind in writing with ink and paper, and thereby many sinned from eternity to eternity and until this day.  For men were not created for such a purpose, to give confirmation to their good faith with pen and ink.  For men were created exactly like the angels, to the intent that they should continue pure and righteous, and death, with destroys everything, could not have taken hold of them, but through this their knowledge they are perishing, and through this power, it is consuming me.”  Enoch 69:8-12

This man’s argument:

What … man’s wisdom came from a demon named Penemue? That’s crazy! Did ink and paper cause the fall of the human race? Whoa … I’d better through all my fine-point pens away immediately! It was Adam’s sin that brought sin into the world (Romans 5:12); not evil literature. Mankind is inherently evil of himself, prone to the works of the flesh (Galatians 5:19-21). The Charismatics (Pentecostals) give far too much credit to demons for the sinful actions of men. They believe that every sin a person commits is evidence of demon-possession. That is absurd! Men and women sin because they are sinners! (Romans 3:10,23).  Although demons definitely influence mankind to do evil, the ultimate decision is OURS. The Devil cannot force anyone to sin. People need to stop blaming demons and the Devil for their sins, and start looking into the mirror. God has promised to help His children live right… “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it” (1st Corinthians 10:13). No excuses!

My comments back to him:

First, this man doesn’t understand the difference between demons and angels.  Demons are disembodied spirits on the earth looking for hosts.  They don’t have bodies.  They were created originally when fallen angels mated with women’s on the earth (see previous post).  Angels are created being by God who were originally created as righteous and with great wisdom and strength above humans.  During the days of Enoch, some angels (called Watchers) were assigned to the earth to watch after men, but some of them stepped outside of their bounds and taught men all sorts of things that man had not yet learned.  This started from the tree of knowledge of good and evil as man’s desire has always been to be enlightened with knowledge.  So, some of the Watchers (who God stated later will be punished severely for sharing all of this information to trick man) decided to teach men some things they weren’t suppose to learn, such as sorcery, mind-altering drugs, etc.  Penemue was obviously one of the Watchers who was on the earth and decided to share information with men on the earth, which lead them into more sin and death.  Yes, men sins on their own, but these Watchers helped to teach them more ways of sinning.  We can see that over time, man has seemed to learn new ways of sinning, such as the ‘discovery’ of new types of drugs to get high.  I’m not really sure what the pen and ink has to do with sin, but possibly is that these new ‘discoveries’ were written down and shared with many, and so thus the sins spread even quicker by writing them down with pen and ink.  We can see that this was true with the Bible, that when the stories were written down, it was much easier to spread them around so that more would understand the knowledge.

In conclusion:

This man, and many others, have much objection to the text of Enoch, but I’ve given you just two examples of how, if we view this text through a narrow glass, we miss all that God is trying to actually say.  Enoch didn’t write a bunch of ‘mumbo jumbo’ as was stated, but rather Enoch gave us a much larger picture of our unseen world and how things actually work.  For most, it is too difficult to understand, but if you spend some time actually thinking about what God might be saying, it is very enlightening.

For those wishing for just an overview, here is a breakdown of the writings of Enoch in cliff note formatted, quoted from Andy McCracken (translation and notes linked below):

  1. “This section is Enoch’s introduction to the book.At 1.2, he explains how the angels (Watchers) showed him a vision of the future. At 1.5, the Watchers are mentioned; here Enoch means the run-away rebel Watchers who came to live in his area (this is described in section 3).In the bible (Gen. 6.4), the descendants of the Watchers are described as giants or Nephilim, they may have been bigger than the local people, Enoch describes them as
    giants, 7.2, Andrew Collins’ investigations suggest that a race of unusually large people did once exist. (See his
    book From the Ashes of Angels ) The main theme is that of destruction; God is going to clear away the sinners, so that good people can have peace. This is the Flood of Noah which was still some way off when Enoch wrote the book, although there are details of a ‘second end’ later in the book (see the 10 weeks).” – Andy
  1. This section details the laws of nature and seasons in great detail, as well as describes the patterns and mathematics of the stars, sun, and moon.
  1. “This is the story of the fallen angels. The beginning, 6.1-2, is virtually identical with Genesis 6.1-2. In Enoch’s book, we get their names and many other details. At 6.6, Enoch explains the naming of Mount Hermon -in Hebrew it means curses. The mountain that he was actually referring to is possibly somewhere near Lake Van in Turkey. It is common for translators to update names rather than use phonetics, so the few names that appear, mainly mountains and rivers, can’t be relied upon as accurate identifications. We don’t know whether there was another mountain called ‘curses’ or even what language the book was originally written in.At 7.2, he says they had giant sons. I believe that this means, not that they were physically big, but powerful and wealthy with private armies. Nevertheless, the Watchers may have been larger than the local people were. Many years of advanced healthcare and nutrition can lead to increasing ave rage size. They were probably quite young, these runaway angels, but they had weapons and knowledge (8.1) that meant they were able to dominate Enoch’s people easily. Since they could have children, by women, I think it is safe to assume that they are men, and not angels (or any other non-human entity), since breeding is species specific by definition. They were regarded as angels by Enoch and his people, (see what Lamech says at 106.5-6 in section 10), but Enoch also says they could appear like men when they wished, (see 17.1), but even so, he never seems to doubt their divinity. At 8.4, the scene switches: to the angels in heaven – the Watchers at their home base. The activities of the runaways cause them to be noticed. This section ends with some of the Watchers asking their Headman what should they do about the runaways. Alternatively, it could be seen as God being informed that no souls wish to incarnate on the Earth because conditions are becoming so bad.” – Andy
  2. I disagree with Andy on some points here, as I believe that the fallen angels, or who were called “The Watchers” by Enoch, were literally angels who appeared as men to the women to whom they impregnated since we see many references to angels appearing like men to others such as Abraham and Sarah.  I also believe that they were giant in size and strength as literal.  We see this in Scripture on several occasions with actual descriptions of their literal size, not fitting in standard beds for example, and that the nation of Israel saw themselves as grasshoppers to these giants and feared them greatly.  I think there is more than proof that the Nephilim are literal giants created by the cross-breeding of angels, disguised as men, and human women.
  1. Basically in this section, God comes to deliver a message to the Watchers to tell them of their destructive end because of the evil that they had done with the women of the earth, and in the teaching of all sorts of technology, science, sorcery, witchcraft, and mind altering drugs.  There is no forgiveness for the Watchers.  At one point, the Watchers try to have Enoch plea for them to God to be forgiven, but that doesn’t work.
  1. This section describes how Enoch became involved. Enoch describes how representatives of the Watchers approached him, while praying, (12.3). They gave him a message to pass on to the runaways. The message is outlined between 12.4 and 13.2.Enoch describes the terror among the runaways when they discover they have been
    found. Enoch explains how the runaways decided to send a letter, (13.4-–6), begging forgiveness, and Enoch is given the job of writing and delivering this letter. Enoch does not disclose the actual contents of their letter or much about how it was delivered. He says he went to the waters of Dan (Lake Van?) and read it out, and a reply came to him in a dream, (13.7-8), but he also says at 12.1-2 that he had disappeared because he was with the Watchers.”  – Andy


  1. This is the reply to the runaways’ letter. The judgment is outlined at 14.4-7.They are to be bound on earth, (14.5), this could mean endless reincarnation;presumably they would know exactly what it meant. At 14.6, the deaths of their sons, is predicted again, and at 14.7, they are further criticized for the form of their petition. The section at 14.8 is interesting; here Enoch goes into more detail about how he saw this vision. It sounds to me, as though Enoch
    was taken in a vehicle that could fly! (See also section 15 at 81.5, here three of the Watchers take Enoch home, and drop him off outside his front door).  From-14.9 – 15.1, Enoch describes his journey, and the place where he was
    taken. He was obviously very impressed and rather frightened. The “wall of  hailstones” might be glass, and the “tongue of fire” could be artificial lighting.  At 15.1, the Most High speaks to Enoch, and he mocks the runaways for sending Enoch to carry their petition (15.2). He goes on to explain the reasons for the harshness of the judgment. At 16.3, he criticizes them for leaving before they had completed their education. He says that what they knew was worthless, and that their lack of wisdom will lead to bad consequences.” – Andy


  1. This section describes Enoch’s impressions on being shown around by the Watchers. At 17.1, he says he was at a place where the Watchers were like burning fire, (I do not know what this means, although it does remind me of Moses and the burning bush), but he also says that they could look like men. The description at 17.5 reminds me of volcanic larva flows, such as in Iceland where new land is being created. The mountains mentioned at 18.6 are referred to again later in the book. I have often wondered if it would be possible to identify this place from these descriptions.The best match I have found so far is the South Sandwich island group. The main island has now been submerged but the mountain tops now form the chain of islands. For more on this, read ‘Thoth Architect of the Univ
    erse’ by Ralph Ellis. This part ends with more details of the punishment for the runaways.” – Andy
  1. Here we are introduced to some of the Watchers and then Enoch has a conversation with them. At first they discuss the punishment of the runaways then the afterlife in general. The Watchers may have provided some type of visual display since Enoch describes what he sees. The description at 22.2 is strange but compelling.The story of Cain and Abel is mentioned at 22.7 and in the next section the story of Adam and Eve is mentioned, at 32.6. So, these stories must have existed, in some form, even in Enoch’s time.” – Andy


  1. “In this section, Enoch is taken on another tour. At the beginning, 24.1, there is perhaps a volcano. Then the seven  mountains again,24.2-3, this time with more detail. From-24.3 to 25.6, there are the fragrant trees. These sound like cannabis to me. The description at 25.6 of “drawing the fragrance into the bones’’, is quite an apt description of smoking it. The part where it says,at 25.4, “no one will have authority to touch it,” could represent the present prohibition. At 31.1 Enoch mentions galbanum, this is one of the ingredients of the incense that was to be burned on the Incense Altar in the Tent of Appointment, Exodus 30:34. Also, at 32.3-6, the Tree of Wisdom also sounds like cannabis. Here we get a new insight into the Adam and Eve story. At 33.3-4, Enoch mentions how Uriel gave him notes on astronomy. These notes are in this book as sections 13, 14, and 16. The angel Zotiel is mentioned at 32.2, east of the Red Sea, there are suggestions based on weathering data that The Sphinx is much older (pre 10,000 BC) than the pyramids, so this is a possible  candidate for Zotiel.” – Andy
(10) THE BOOK OF METHUSELAH 46 (Written later by Methuselah)
  1. This short section has many interesting features. The story is set some years later. Methuselah is now head of the family (since Enoch went off to live with the Angels, (see 81.6), a year after he wrote the book). Methuselah’s son Lamech is now grown up, and his first son is born. At 106.2, we get a description of the child who will be named Noah. It seems he had white or blonde hair, a red birthmark, and perhaps blue eyes. Even more surprising, at 106.5, we learn that this is what the Watchers look like. If some of the wives of Enoch’s family were descended
    from the runaways, then Lamech could easily have had an unexpectedly blonde-haired child. Lamech is disturbed about his baby’s unusual appearance, and goes to see Methuselah. This section seems to have been written by Methuselah, to reassure his son about the birth, written as though a reply from Enoch himself. Methuselah claims he went and spoke to Enoch, but I suspect that this is just a device, in order to give enough authority to the message, so that Lamech can be reassured. The naming of Noah at 107.3 is interesting, since it links the name to the word
    comfort. Noah still sounds like the Hebrew word for comfort, and a similar story is told at Genesis 5:29″ – Andy
  2. I also noticed that the description of Noah is one who is glowing when his eyes were opened, which struck me as odd, and that is mostly why Lamech thought Noah was from an angel.
(11) THE BOOK OF NOAH 50 (Written later by Noah)
  1. Noah’s book was probably written when he was the head of the family and like Methuselah he claims to speak with Enoch. He seems to have written this before the flood; and once again there are some interesting details.The most important passage is at 67.2. This indicates that the boat is being constructed at the time of writing. Noah may have written this piece in order to persuade his sons to come and live with him, inside “the wooden structure.” Noah may not have seen a boat like this before, and perhaps was not sure what to call it.There seems to be a background of unusual geological events. At the beginning,65.1, Noah says the earth has tilted, later, at 67.11, he says the Hot Springs became cold. This does fit with the theories of Charles Hapgood in his book ‘The Path of the Pole’ where he suggests that the huge ice melt (that probably caused the flood) occurred when the poles shifted – perhaps due to an impact from space. The North Pole shifted from Hudson’s Bay to its present position. At 65.3 Noah says the earth is ‘afflicted and shaken’ and he does seem quite alarmed by it. There is also talk of molten metal and a smell of sulphur, 67.6, but this may be pollution from the metalworking described at 65.7.Production of metals, and weapons, may have become large scale at Noah’s time.” – Andy

(12) THE BOOK OF PARABLES 55 – First, Second, Third

  1. “This part of Enoch’s book is introduced by a quote from the “Holy One,” at 37.3;this is the headman of the  Watchers, and what he says is almost an apology. Enoch’s parables are actually three essays, which outline the future path of spiritual enlightenment, as explained to him by the Holy One. The content of the second two parables is similar; the main theme is a Messiah, who will bring guidance at the correct time. This eventually brings about an age of enlightenment, where the souls of the righteous can live in peace.” – Andy
  2. The First Parable – “The first part of this parable is possibly a description of a holy place set in the future; Enoch seems to consider it a description of the Watchers home also, since at 39.8, he reveals that he is being allowed to live there, with them.‘Those who do not sleep’ (see 39.12 and 71.7) are mentioned often. These are the seraphim, cherubim, and ophannim, the non-human angels, who do not need to sleep. Enoch never describes them, so it is difficult to know what he had in mind. Most of this parable is a description of how four of the Watchers showed Enoch everything” – Andy
  3. The Second Parable – “Here we are introduced to some new characters, there is the Chosen One, or Messiah, and The Head of Days or ‘ancient of days’ (see also 71.10) who appears in Daniel 7:9-10 and seems to represent God.
    It is a bit confusing that Enoch sees characters from the future. It may be that the Watchers presented this to Enoch as a theatrical drama so that he could see it and ask questions at the same time. It was no doubt a deliberate policy not to give actual names so that different readers in different eras would assume they new the names. When I read this, I think it obviously refers to Jesus, but many ages had a ‘chosen one’.  The number of righteousness (47.4), that is reached, may refer to the twelve times twelve thousand predicted to survive in the biblical Book of Revelations.
    Sheol is mentioned at 51.1, it is the name for hell used in early times and it is also mentioned in the book of Genesis and book of Job, it means ‘the grave’ – but more than just a hole in the ground. The mountains leap like rams at 51.4, this phrase also occurs in the bible (Psalms 114.4 & 6). There is a rare mentioning of place names at 56.5 –
    Parthia and Medes – these were ancient kingdoms in the Iran\Iraq area. This is the area where Enoch probably lived but it is difficult to know whether he originally used these names in his book, or whether later translators substituted in their own names for the areas that they thought were being referred to.” – Andy
  4. The Third Parable – “The two monsters mentioned at 60.7 are also mentioned in the book of Job possibly the oldest book in the Bible. See Job 40.15 & 41.1. Behemoth is “the beast” and Leviathan is “the monster of chaos,” but what t
    hey represent, in Enoch’s book, is not made clear. At 60.10, the Watchers say it is a secret and then they soon  change the subject. At 60.1 Enoch gives his age; it is written as 500 and not 50 in the Ethiopian copies. I feel this must be due to an ancient transcription error so I have substituted 50 as the most likely alternative. I suspect that Enoch had just had his exact age calculated by the Watchers, based on the story of his birth, which would be a rare thing to know in the days before calendars were in everyday use.” – Andy
  1. Enoch often mentions storehouses throughout the book. Storehouses were probably first introduced to Enoch’s people by the runaways. Since they were considered as angels their storehouses were probably considered divine and magical. Many people probably believed that the storehouses created the goods that were stored inside them.
    Enoch probably knew better than that since he may have been the keeper of records and inventories. However, he does seem to regard storehouses as basic to God’s way of distributing natural things such as the weather. At the beginning he again describes his journey (70 .2-3) – he was lifted on a chariot of the spirit and they went northwest. I assume this is some kind of flying machine today we would probably call it a UFO rather than a chariot of the spirit. Enoch goes on to describe the land of the angels and a meeting with the Head of Days. Four of the Watchers are named at 71.9; they may have been assigned to look after Enoch because they could speak his language well.
    Enoch seems to have asked questions and made some notes, and this section, and the next section, and “the Law of the Stars” is the result. My opinion is that the Watchers knew the answers to Enoch’s questions but it was difficult for them to explain the answers to Enoch in terms that he could understand. This is shown clearly at 60.14 and 60.15 where Enoch reports an explanation of thunder and lightning and why you see the flash before you hear the bang. This is common knowledge now – but not to Enoch. I think that Enoch believed, initially, that the bangs and flashes occurred separately made by different processes. He reports that they are not separate although not the same, 60.14, because a spirit makes them inseparable. Since Enoch assumes that you see and hear things at the instant they happen he finds it hard to understand why the sound has to wait and so brings a storehouse into the explanation.” – Andy
  1. This chapter explains the path of the Sun in the sky, and how the length of the day varies, and the different seasons. The division of the year into months and the phases of the Moon are explained here. It is interesting that the variation of day length is described with the day divided into 18 parts. The Watchers may have divided the day into 18 “hours” rather than our 24-hour system. The seasonal variation in day length described, see 72.14 & 72.26, is more typical of northern latitudes. The situation here in London, in late December (close to the mid-winter solstice), is very similar to the description at 72.26 with a day of 8 hours, and a night of 16 hours. The section on the Moon contains some accurate information such as that it appears in the sky to be the same size as the Sun,
    72.37. [I see this as stating that the sun and the moon are the same size, so I disagree with Andy here, but he has not studied the flat earth model] At 75.8-9 Enoch explains how the axis of rotation passes through the middle of the Earth – although I think Enoch was not sure what Uriel means by this. It should be remembered that the fact that the Earth is spherical and rotating was only widely accepted a few hundred years ago. Before then it was believed that the Sun went round the Earth. [ God gave us a model of the earth as flat and everything in rotation above it on the axis of the North Pole – so I disagree with Andy as again, he is under the assumption that the world is a globe as is a common theory started about 500 years ago by a Jesuit theorist.]  There is a book called ‘Uriel’s Machine’ by C. Knig ht and Robert Lomas that makes out a good case for this chapter containing the information needed to construct a ‘henge’ – an observatory made from posts or standing stones. They also suggest Enoch may have been taken to Ireland – where there are a number of unusual and ancient sites still surviving. When Enoch is talking about the north, at 77.3, he mentions this is the location of the Garden of Righteousness – the homeland of the Watchers. At 78.4, the fact that the Moon obtains its light from the Sun is revealed. At 78.17 he says the Moon has a face (“looks like a man”) for 20 days in the month; we call him “the man in the Moon”. This is more evidence against my theory about the South Sandwich islands being the home of the Watchers because the Moon’s face is not
    recognizable in the southern hemisphere (because it is upside down). I suspect that this section about the Moon should be elsewhere in the text, probably near to the previous section of the moon a few sections before.There is a description of a book written by the Watchers that Enoch took notes from, (see 81.1-2), Enoch calls it The Tablets of Heaven. Enoch’s prophecy chapters come from this book.” – Andy
  1. This short section may be in the wrong location. It may have been a letter that Enoch gave to his son, with the book. Or it may have originally been at the end of the book, as a conclusion. It stands satisfactorily on its own, so I have kept to the order of the Ethiopian manuscripts.” – Andy

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All in all, I feel like the Book of Enoch is a very beneficial and enlightening book to read; however, you will find not much benefit to it if you are not already familiar with the Biblical Scriptures as its terminology is a bit obscure and you will need to be able to link it to terms in the Bible that you are already familiar with.  But, if you are familiar with the Bible, this will open up deeper understanding to what you already have some insight on.  It’ll be an amazing trip of discovery as it was for Enoch as well as he was given each of these bits of knowledge.