Break Time

Hello all!

I’ve been taking a slight break from posting as I was on a mission trip and have been trying to adjust and get back into life and have been preparing a message to give my first sermon on Sunday night.  I’m very excited to be able to share God’s Word in this way, so if you could pray for me, I’d so appreciate it.  I’ll share the sermon later in one of my posts… it’s about Jonah and Nineveh.

The mission trip went wonderful.  We did two, one day women’s conferences (WOW – Women of Worth) with the First Nations of Canada.  About 20 women attended at each conference as we were able to share God’s Word with them and also have a time for the women to share their deepest needs within them.  It was a time of healing and a time of grace.  We’ve been asked to return next spring at both locations and have been asked to add another location as well, so we would be doing a total of 3 next spring.  Also, one of my favorite times was just walking the streets in one of the communities and praying with people that we came in contact with.  I was able to share the real Jesus Christ with a gentleman who had false ideas of who Jesus was and he was very attentive to listening as I told Him about this savior and he let me pray with him for God to reveal to him who He really was.

Have a blessed weekend and hope to get back to writing again this next week.