Keeping Appointments

Have you ever thought about the importance of keeping your appointments?  If you break your dentist appointment for a cleaning and wait to reschedule long enough, your next appointment will be to have your teeth fixed.  If you wait even longer to make your appointment, your next appointment will be to get a tooth pulled.  … More Keeping Appointments

Peace Between Religions

President Trump has been making some strategic rounds this week, visiting key leaders surrounding Israeli & Middle East peace.  He’s met with the king of Saudi Arabia and other Muslim leaders, the Prime Minister of Israel & Palestine, and the Pope of Rome.  The major religions of the world have been represented in his meetings:  … More Peace Between Religions

When Is Enough Enough?

It appears to be human nature for us to be unsatisfied, frustrated, and even complaining about what we don’t have that we think we should have.  It is very hard for us to appreciate each and every thing the Lord has given us, especially when they seem mundane, or when they don’t compare to what … More When Is Enough Enough?