The Miracle Of Freedom In The USA

What does freedom mean in America?

Here’s an except from the book “The Insanity Of God”, by Nik Ripkin, from a Chinese Christian, a part of the underground persecuted church…today.

“You see how we are all meeting here in secret.  We have told you how our house churches move from farm to farm, house to house, often at night.  Yet you tell us that pastors can preach the Gospel publicly in your country and that believers in America are free to worship wherever and whenever they want.

You have watched our leaders rip apart the Bible and divide up the pages so that every house-church pastor can take home at least a portion of Scripture to share with his people.  Yet you tell us that you personally have seven different versions of the Bible on the shelf in your office.  And that you also own many Christian books and regularly read Christian magazines and newspapers.

None of us has ever owned our own hymnbook or chorus book to sing from.  Yet you tell us that your churches have hymnbooks for everyone, that you can purchase them in bookstores or order them by the case from publishers.  And you tell us that Christian music is on many radio and television stations. You have described how everyone in your country, even those who are not believers, celebrate the birth of Jesus with a national holiday.  And you tell us that some churches actually re-enact the nativity scene to attract and entertain the public.

We have explained how so many of our leaders have been arrested, that prisons have become the place where our pastors gain their most important theological education.  But you tell us that in America you have special training schools just for Christian students.

Yes, you have heard us tell about praying for sick people and how many of them have been miraculously healed.  Yet maybe only one in a thousand of those who are healed will give any credit to God or will ever find Jesus as a result.  However, you tell us that believers in your country can actually choose to go to Christian doctors and even Christian hospitals if they wish.

So, tell us, which of these do you think are the greatest miracles?”

Living in America, these statements from a persecuted church-leader in the underground church in China, should make us weep.  We take so many things for granted that we have become gray to the power of the Gospel and the ability to share it.  Things that are common to us would be considered miracles in the eyes of millions of persecuted believers in the world today.

The truth is that the things that we take for granted are all miracles by the power of the Lord Almighty.  We just don’t see it because our eyes have been shut to what is truly going on around the globe.

God’s miraculous power is still working today.

Do not take for granted the opportunities that we have been given:  the chance to attend church every week, the opportunity to take communion and sing worship songs, the chance to join service groups at church to serve those in need, the fact that we can publicly own a Bible and meet in Bible Study groups without fear of going to jail, the the ability to share Jesus with everyone we meet.  These opportunities might one day be taken from us and we might join the millions hiding in the underground, so while it is available, celebrate the miracle of God.

“Live as people who are free, not using your freedom as a cover-up for evil, but living as servants of God.”  1 Peter 2:16