Short Term Missions Support

Hello Followers!  This isn’t a usual devotional post from me.  Now, I’m sharing with you one of my mission passions… the First Nations of Canada…

Since 2004, I’ve been blessed to be a short-term missionary in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, sharing the love of Jesus with many First Nations kids, students, and adults.  I’ve seen many amazing things that the Lord has done, including healing some of alcoholism, physical healings, changed hearts, and relationship restorations.  I’m so thankful for each visit I get to make.  For the first many years, I served on Vacation Bible School teams in July, but after, I added two additional trips each year, visiting in the spring and fall.  Adding these two yearly trips increases the opportunity to spend time with adults in support, prayer, and fellowship.

To go on these trips, I try to raise some funds in order to offset some of my personal costs.  The summer trip costs $500 and the spring and fall trips run between $600-800 depending on whether I can fly or drive (2,200 mile round trip approx $500 in gas).  My total expenses for a year are between $1,700-$2,000.  I’ve been blessed to have gifts from family and friends in the past so that my personal costs have been decreased. I’m extremely thankful for each donation.

This year, my role is different than in the past.  I will be traveling with the VBS team in July, but when I arrive in the communities my role will be to work on and build relationships with the adults in the communities apart from the VBS. I’m excited for this opportunity because I love being out in the community, visiting homes, listening to the hearts of the people, praying with them, and seeing healing come.  I’m anticipating the Lord to work in many lives through the additional outreach abilities, as well as continuing to work in the lives of the children and teens during the VBS and soccer program.

I know that this kind of work is in vain without prayer, so I am asking that you consider praying for me, for our team, and especially for the people I will serve in Pelican Narrows and Sandy Bay (as I will be in both communities.)  If you would join me by praying, I would greatly appreciate it.  Please let me know if you would be willing.  We do have a prayer blog where updates will be available in order that you would have specific prayer requests: (Click on “Prayer Partners”).

I also ask that you prayerfully consider contributing financially. The total amount I need to raise toward these mission trips is $2000 for 2014.  My hope is to have most of the necessary funds together by June 15.  I have faith that God will make it possible.  Investing in God’s Kingdom is a blessing and I thank you for your donation.

Please pray with me that this need will be met. I’m excited, hopeful and expecting to not only serve, but to grow in my faith as well. I greatly appreciate you letting me share with you what I believe is one of the most meaningful experiences of my life.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO GO ON A TRIP?  These trips happen each summer.  You can be a part of a future team, or send a team from your own church. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll tell you more.  Families can serve together.  It’s an incredible bonding experience.  I’m been blessed to have my daughter, Alyssa, join me for many years!  Teams leave from all over the US and Canada.

Sincerely,  Terriann

If you’d like to help by prayer and/or financially, email me: for donation details.

(Contributions are tax deductible with the exception of cash. Hosanna! Church has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds. All contributions are non-refundable and non-transferable.  A tax-receipt letter will be sent to all donors who donate $250 or more to Hosanna! in a calendar year. Tax receipts will be sent out in January 2015.  If your amount is less than $250, please use your cancelled check as a receipt.)