99 Teens Die Every Day


Yesterday, 99 young people died.  Today, 99 young people will die.  Tomorrow, 99 young people will also die and so on and so on.  Many of these youth who have died or will die do not know the Savior Jesus Christ and it breaks His heart to lose so many of them from accidents, gang violence, suicide, drug overdose, texting and driving, and drinking.  Losing them in this life will mean that they are lost forever.  Tell a teen about their Savior Jesus before another 99 of them die tomorrow.

Last night, I was blessed to be an encourager on “The 99” team.  This organization has come to our area to set up for 4 weeks to minister to teens utilizing local Christians as actors, registration, prayer, and encouragers.  We are praying for more to come to this powerful event (www.whatisthe99.com). The volunteers were able to go through the live theatrical event prior to assisting as encouragers so that we were able to experience what they would experience.  The huge 20,000 square foot tent is set up with live rooms where actors act out these preventable causes of death and then take the students through death, hell, and finally onto Jesus Christ and His payment for their sins.  Most of us volunteers were also in tears as we finished the final room.  At the end, the students have the opportunity to give their lives to Jesus, and then they have the opportunity to talk with an encourager who helps them to process the night and answer questions they may have. They end with writing down their deepest need, praying over that need, and then nailing it to the cross.

I was blessed to talk with and pray with four amazing young women. Three of the four women were from teen challenge and the other was a college student searching for God.  One woman had given her life to Jesus almost one year ago.  She had been redeemed out of prostitution and an addiction from heroin.  She was a glowing example of the power of God as she sobbed crying out for her friends and family members who were also still stuck in addictions.  I cried with her as we lifted up these people to the Lord.  The two other teen challenge women were also redeemed out of heroin and were in recovery, the one trying to get reunited with her two year old son and both trying desperately to stay in the program as their insurances were running short.  The college woman was struggling with finding God and finding Christian friends on campus, so we were able to pray for that as she also sobbed.

This devotional is different from my normal reviewing of Scripture, but I’ve been so touched by the hurting teens and college-aged women and men out there.  We need to pray for them and minister to those in our realm of influence.  Many of them are hurting so much as the enemy is lying to them.  Many of them hide these things deep inside and it takes time to get to know them enough for them to open up.  So, please reach out to those around you and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Please watch the following video.  This was played during the night.  It’s an amazing story of what God did for each of us…. most oblivious to His provision.

These pictures are from the encouraging room.  The prayers of these youth are touching.

God bless you on your journey and God bless your relationships with the youth around you, helping them in their journey.