Ordinary Failure


How do you keep from committing a great sin?

Readings from I and II Samuel

The Great King David

King David, whom God called a ‘man after His own heart,” was the second king of Israel. David was the youngest of 8 brothers, the most unlikely candidate to be king. He was just a Shepard boy at the time that the prophet Samuel anointed him as king. While he was growing up, David served his God and his family well. The Philistines & Israelites were always at war and David was not allowed to fight in battle, but was instead in charge of bringing food and drink to the soldiers. When no Israelite would fight the Philistine giant, Goliath, David confidentially defeated the giant in the Lord’s name with a slingshot and stone. After David became king, he led the Israelites in hundreds of battles killing 10,000+ enemies and conquering many lands that the Lord had promised his people. David was also quite a musician. He played the harp and wrote many songs and poems. David’s writings are found throughout the book of Psalms.

David, God’s Chosen King, sinned greatly against God

During his reign as king, David committed adultery with Bathsheba (the wife of Uriah) causing her to become pregnant. Trying to cover up his sin, he sent Bathsheba’s husband away to the fiercest war hoping that he would die in battle. Her husband did die during the battle, so not only did David commit adultery, but he also committed murder. The Lord was very displeased with David for the evil that he had done and struck their child with life-ending sickness.

How could such a man of God commit such hideous sins?

Bad choices lead to more bad choices if not checked…

1) Inactivity produces passiveness – II Sam 11:1 – David always went to battle with his troops, but this time, he did not go. Why? Was he tired? Was he bored? Was he sick of fighting? Did he just want to enjoy his kingly life? The Bible doesn’t say, but it’s obvious that David became unengaged in what God wanted for him. He shook his responsibilities and became passive and uninterested in God’s fight.

  • Few of us can handle the temptation of inactivity. “Idol hands are the devil’s workshop.” When you have too much time on your hands to just think, you start questioning your life… Am I happy? What is making me feel good? Don’t be vulnerable to a moral flaw.
  • REMEDY! – Get busy for God quick before you fall! Be proactive in your walk with God, pressing in, seeking after, & pursuing Him with your whole heart. Don’t be casual. Don’t wait for your pastor to fire you up. It won’t happen! You have to get fired up yourself!
  • Discipline first! Then, the joy of the Lord! Obedience, then delight!

2) Passiveness producing overpowering emotions – II Sam 11:2 – David had been sleeping during the day, awoke, and not really knowing what to do, went to the roof where he saw Bathsheba bathing across the way. “What would make me happy?” he must have thought. So, he sent his servant to find out who the woman was.

  • What does the Bible say about temptations? Run away! No human has the strength to resist such overpowering emotions. Deal with your mind before you make a huge mistake!

3) Overpowering emotions produce perverse thoughts – II Sam 11:3. David’s mind conceived of a way to get what he wanted. After his servant came back and hold him that the woman was married, a red flag should have went up, but it didn’t. Instead, he had his servant go to get Bathsheba.

Women! You can be a part of the problem!

  • How do you dress? A godly woman dresses modestly. So, where’s the line? Dress in a way that do not draw attention to or enhance your sexuality. You should dress to decrease the appeal. Your attraction should be because of your godly character. To draw attention to yourself based on your appearance is sinful.
  • How is your conduct? There is certain communications that are reserved between a husband and his wife. Your emotional needs cannot be met from another man. You need great discernment and wisdom!
  • When your mind gets in a LOOP (you cannot get your mind off the subject), you are on the edge of sinning. Your walls are being broken down, measuring and weighing. You are very close to something you’ll never recover from.
  • REMEDY! – Get out of the LOOP. Instead, focus on the things of God before it is too late!

4) Perverse thoughts produce private sin – II Sam 11:4. Even after knowing Bathsheba was married, he sent for her anyway, knowing full well that his sinful thoughts were going to lead to sinful actions. Did he think he would be able to keep it hidden?

  • Yielding to your sinful thoughts is just a matter of time. The more time you spend thinking about a sin, the more inevitable the sin becomes. Your mind will justify why you should be allowed to do this. Then, you will consider ways to get your ‘sin done.’
  • REMEDY! – Snap out of it! Consult a godly friend. Pray to God to be released from your thoughts! Run away from the temptation!
  • After David and Bathsheba sinned, they tried to look ‘not guilty’ by outwardly cleansing themselves as was accustomed by the law
    1. They were hypocrites trying to ‘wash away’ the external appearance of the sin.

5)  Private sin produces consequences – II Sam 11:5.  Bathsheba became pregnant through their sin.  They were not going to be able to hide the outcome of the sin.  There are even more possibilities today with the wide spread sexually transmitted diseases present.

  • God is not mocked! – “He who digs a pit will fall into it.  And he who rolls a stone, it will come back on him.”  Psalm 26:27.  Basically, you’ll suffer your much deserved consequences.
  • Satan never shows you the outcome – Instead, he shows you how ‘happy’ you could be, until you fall, then the pain is revealed.  “Choose to sin, choose to suffer.”
  • Be sure your sin will find you out.  You cannot contain the damage.  Moral failure creates devastation.

BAD NEWS!  But, the GOOD NEWS is that God forgave David and a relationship between God and David was restored.

God can forgive anything that you have done as well!  It doesn’t matter what it is!  All you need to do is turn to Him…

So, How Can You Be Forgiven?

A – Admit to God that you are a sinner.  Confess your sins to Him.  You deserve the death penalty & separation from God, the holy one.

B – Believe that Jesus died to take your place for the sins you’ve done.  Receive Him as your personal savior.  Receive the forgiveness that He gives.

C– Commit your life to following Jesus.  Read the Bible.  Pray.  Join a church.  Surround yourself with Christians who can help encourage, comfort, and grow you.

(Ordinary You, Extraordinary God: Study from the life of David I & II Samuel, James MacDonald)

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