You Can Dance

Two years ago, I was blessed to be able to speak at a women’s retreat on WORSHIP!  Cool!  I was so touched by what went on during those 3 days that I wrote a journal to share.

“I plead with you to give your bodies to God.  Let them be a living and holy sacrifice – the kind He will accept.  When you think of what He has done for you, is this too much to ask?”  Romans 12:1

Dance was a part of the weekend.  I was invited to teach one of the four breakout sessions for the weekend.  God spoke strongly to many of these women during this time.  They were brought to a new level of worship by breaking free from chains and being released into freedom of not only movement with their bodies, but movement of the heart as well — yes, and many, many tears flowed directly from these hearts.

That evening’s worship service was incredible.  The breakout attendees were invited to dance the song that we learned “Here I Am To Worship” and many took down their walls and stepped forward to lead others in worship.  Some of them had never, ever danced one step for the Lord before.   As I watched the room while these incredibly beautiful women danced, I saw smiles and tears of joy as the ‘watchers’ were also brought deeper into the song and deeper into worship. 

What followed was even more incredible.  We set out flags, streamers and banners, and very quickly the room was a glow in color and movement like I had never seen before.  It brought me to tears as these women sang and danced praises to our Father and Savior.  It was like standing at heaven’s gate.  Two elderly Catholic women touched my hearts the most.  I was blessed by being around them this weekend and got to know them quite a bit.  Even though the rigidness of the Catholic faith was deeply woven within them, their hearts were both drawn to this ‘new form’ of worship.  They waved flags over their heads with tremendous joy.

On Sunday morning, many women shared their testimonies of what the Lord had done with them throughout the weekend.  I cried during this entire time as these women stood up and professed a new freedom they had found through the movement of worship that they had dared to experience.  A prayer minister stated it perfectly in a vision that she had received:  Women’s chains were falling to the ground throughout the worship hall.   One woman’s father had just passed away one week ago.  She had no words she could share with God because of her pain, yet by worshiping God with her body, her spirit was released to praise God through her pain.  Another woman was struggling with bondages that were released the moment she raised her hands in praise and as she shared her story, she spun and danced.  And yet another had refused to dance before God, but she was brought to tears as God moved and danced through her to affect not only herself, but her friend as well who stated that her friend would never have done such a thing.  There is one story after another and I was blessed by the Lord who graciously allowed me the privilege of hearing these stories of praise.

God spoke to my heart this weekend.  FREEDOM.   Freedom to love, to serve, and to worship with all that we have.  Worship is not for us.  It’s for God.  God’s version of worship taken directly from the Bible is this:  Shouting, clapping, lifting hands, leaping, dancing, bowing, kneeling, and singing.  It’s simply Biblical for us to move in praise to our Father. 

We don’t need to be afraid of what others think of us.  King David said it perfectly when he danced before the Lord – “I will be even more undignified than this.”  He didn’t care what others thought about his dancing.  His wife even made fun of him and he still didn’t care.  How much emphasis do we put on what others think of us?   Who’s opinion really matters?  Yep, God’s and God desires for us is to worship Him with all that we have.  I challenge you that if you’ve never moved for God before, try one of the action words listed above and just see if God moves your heart right along with your body.