Obey God, Expect What?

I was listening to a broadcast by Charles Stanley Study on obeying God a while back.  Here are my notes from the study..

If I obey God, I can’t lose:

  • He will walk with me through whatever I am going to face
  • He will provide for me whatever I need
  • He will enable me to face anything with Him by my side
  • He will reward me for my obedience to Him

If I follow Jesus by obeying Him and surrendering my life to Him, I can expect that:

  • I will go where I’ve never been (I’ve already been to so many places for Him that I could never have imagined)
  • I will do what I’ve never done (I’ve done things that I had no qualifications or abilities – taught dance, children, prayed with people, served in missions, flown a plane)
  • I will give more than I’ve ever given (I’ve devoted much of my ‘new’ life’s time to work for Him and given more than I have ever before)
  • I will surrender what I’ve held tightly (I’ve had to let go of some things and people in my life that were not pleasing to God, and had to given up control issues)
  • I will love those whom I’ve never loved (God has given me a heart for His people all over the world that I know is not from my love)
  • I will forgive those whom I’ve failed to forgive (I have forgiven two people in particular that I could not forgive on my own, and countless other smaller things)
  • I will trust Him for what I’ve never trusted Him (It is a continuous challenge for me to give over and trust Him when I cannot see a clear picture)
  • I will become what I’ve never been (My life is completely different now than before, but still much to go.  I’ve already seen Him make me into things that I wasn’t but now am.)

Sometimes I wonder just how far I’ve come in my faith walk.  It was Aug 3, 2001 when when I gave my life to Christ.  I think about whether I am much different or if I am continuously growing.  It was encouraging for me to take a look at this list and to see physical examples of how Jesus has done work in me and how He will continue to do work in me in these areas… as I desperately need it.

I pray that this list also encourages you to focus on the One who can best guide your life.  Follow Him!

OBEY - life with God