Burning For God

Get on Fire for God!  Set yourself on fire and others will come to watch you burn!

How?  With 3 W’s!

Word (Read it!), Worship (Give it!), & Work (Do it!)

Ignite your fire for God.  Do the 3 W’s and you’ll be surprised how God ignites your heart for Him!

  1. Read God’s Word – Dive in!  Study it!  Memorize it!  Think about it!
  2. Worship God – Sing praises to His name.  Tell Him about everything you’re thankful for.
  3. Work For God – Give Him your best.  Serve Him by loving others and telling people of His good news for them!

Ignite the passion for God in your heart!

Ps 69:9  “Passion for [God’s] house burns within me…”