5 Reasons Why You Should Believe In Jesus

Study from Acts 2

Peter makes a case for believing in Jesus (from the first sermon ever preached after Jesus rose from the dead and went back to heaven.).  Will you believe his case?  Take out your Bible and follow along and decide for yourself.

1)     Prophesy Has Been Fulfilled Through Jesus  (Acts 2:14-22)

  1. Peter quotes Joel 2:28-32 which talks about the filling of God’s Holy Spirit on all believers.  Those listening had just been questioning this ‘bizarre’ event and didn’t understand what was going on.
  2. There are over 2,500 specific detailed prophesies from the Old Testament.  To date, over 2,000 have already been fulfilled.  Many of the prophesies are ‘messianic’ which means they are specifically about Jesus.  The prophesies from the OT are a minimum of 500 years before the birth of Jesus, with some dating to over 1,200 years before his birth.
  3. The chances of just 13 prophesies being fulfilled by Jesus is 10 to the 138th power (so, that’s 138 zero’s).  It’s like taking quarters, 2 feet high, covering the state of Texas and telling someone to randomly pick one quarter.
  4. Historians have tried to prove the accuracy of Biblical history to be incorrect, but have failed.  In fact, many who have tried have been converted to Christians in the process.

2)     Irrefutable Miracles Have Been Performed by Jesus (Acts 2:22)

  1. There was a crowd off over 3,000 listening to this sermon.  Those who were in attendance knew of Jesus miracles, signs & wonders.  And, not one person from the crowd stood up and said, “Hey, that’s not true.” Or “You can’t prove that!”.  If it would have been said, it would have shown up in the Bible. Instead, those in attendance knew of these amazing signs and could not debate it.

3)     The Grave Was Empty (Acts 2:24)

  1. No body could be found.  Jesus, just as he said, ‘disappeared from the tomb’ in three days – to be raised back to life. In fact, Jesus appeared to more than 500 people after he was raised from the dead.

4)     The Disciples were Empowered by an Unexplainable Force – The Holy Spirit (Acts 2:33)

  1. When the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples, they performed amazing miracles – healings and casting out demons, to name a few.  They also became great speakers and great teachers though they had no formal training.  People were amazed at the authority they spoke with.

5)     The Enemy Was Defeated (Acts 2:34-35)

  1. King David (from the Old Testament) was also a prophet.  He talks about ascending from the grave, but he died and was still in his tomb.  He had a prophetic revelation of Jesus being raised from the dead.  Death was finally defeated through Christ Jesus.
  2. God the father sat Jesus on His right side, in heaven, and will make His ‘enemies a footstool for His feet.” So that one day, when Jesus comes back to rule, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord – even if you don’t believe in Him now, you will have no choice on that upcoming day…

Peter’s closing argument…

Acts 2:36  “Therefore, let all the house of Israel know for certain that God has made [Jesus] both Lord and Christ – this Jesus whom you crucified.”

So, did Peter convince you?   Not sure, read the Bible for yourself and try to prove it wrong.