Repentance Transforms

It would appear that many people in America today don’t want to hear the full gospel.  Don’t talk to us about our sins, repentance and holiness, but instead, tell us how to be more loving, prosperous, healthy, tolerant, beautiful, more ‘all-that’ in this world.  Give me 5 steps to change my life.

Why would you need a savior anyway?

Has your heart been convicted by your sin?  Has there been a time when you’ve been brought to your knees crying out to God at the realization that you have hurt and disobeyed God, your heavenly Father, by your sins?  Without conviction and repentance, there is no chance to be saved.  How can you be saved from something you don’t think you need to be saved from?  Why would you need a savior?

In the year 2000, I was out of town at a business meeting.  One morning as I awoke to get dressed and attend a meeting, I was literally brought to the floor of the hotel room in uncontrollable tears as every sin I had ever done came pouring into my mind… from the small to the large.  I was crushed at the fact that I had hurt God so badly for all of these years rejecting Him and rejecting His commands.  I spent the entire day on my face, laid out in the hotel room, missing my meeting, missing my flight.  I could not function.  I was so sorry for all the wrong I had done.  After this day, my life changed as I then sought out church, studies, and prayer… anything to learn about this savior, Jesus.  One year later, I gave my full life to Him, tranferring all of my past, present, and future sins on my only hope at restoration.  I thank Jesus for giving me life.

Our church is in danger as many today are not even aware of their sins and their need for a savior.

The church of Acts transformed the world, converting 1000’s and 1000’s of believers, through repentance and belief in Jesus Christ.  Today, Islam is changing the world.  They are the fastest growing religion, to very soon overtake Christianity.  What has happened?  Has our message changed?  Maybe it is just that… it is now our message, and not the message that was first shared in Acts, the message that has the very power of Jesus behind it.

“God exalted Him [Jesus] to His own right hand as Prince and Savior that He might bring Israel to repentance and forgive their sins.”  Acts 5:31

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