He Is Not Empty-Handed

An Old Testament Picture of Jesus…

Genesis 42-45

Judah said, “…let me bear the blame before my father forever.”  Gen 44:32

“For how shall I go up to my father if the lad is not with me – for fear that I see the [grief] that would overtake my father.”  Judah, Gen 44:34

Judah was in such distress over the fact that he might have to return to his father, Jacob, without the promised return of his beloved son, Benjamin, that Judah was willing to lay down his life completely, in life-long slavery or death so that Benjamin could go free and return to the father.  It was inconceivable that Judah would return to his father Jacob, empty-handed, without his beloved son.

In the same way, Jesus willingly  bore the blame of our sins before the father forever.  God the Father yearns for His people to return to Him.  We see this over and over again, especially in the prophet books (Hosea 11 for example).  God’s heart would grieve greatly if His people did not return home to Him.  It was inconceivable that Jesus would return to His Father empty-handed, without His beloved children, so He gave all that He had, laying down His life to death so that we might return alive to His Father.


Artwork, “Empty Hands,” by John The Baptist Artworks.