Do You Want To See Your Family Changed?

Do you want to see your family life changed?

7 Words to Change your family: forgiveness, blessing, honor, commitment, church, love, and truth.

Read Deuteronomy 6:4-9. It teaches us, our families are the best when we are talking about God. Talk about him when you hang out (“sit in your house”), take a walk (“walk by the way”), wrap up the day (“lie down”), and when we greet each other in the morning (“rise up”).

If God and His Word are strangers in our homes, the fall-out will be a disaster where forgiveness isn’t given, blessing is ignored, honor is withheld, commitment is lacking, church is neglected, love is absent, and truth is avoided.

God’s Word encourages us to be engaged in all these matters. When we give God’s priorities the attention they deserve, our lives and the lives of our families are transformed. – from 7 Words to Change Your Family, Walk in The Word

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