Being Broken Is Not Bad

Brokenness is not a bad thing… according to God!

Ps 51:16-17, God does not desire our religious rituals  going through the motions, looking the part to the rest of our friends and family. He desires us to have a broken spirit.

We’ve been taught from childhood to hate brokenness and stay far from those things that are broken (relationships, things, etc), but God’s view is quite different. God wants us to admit that we are broken so that He can do His best work in us.

It’s difficult to get rid of our stubbornness, pride, willfulness  and our independence and say to God, “You know best. Do what you like. I cannot do it on my own.”

I need to continue my own prayers for God to get me to this mentality of full humility

… not just “God I need you!” but “God, you’re all I need.”